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Feathers or Fur, Paws or Claws

Providing families with two of the greatest life experiences imaginable. For some that may mean living with a hand raised feathered friend of various exotic varieties. For others it could be understandingthe amaziing bond that is formed between a loving family and a dignified Doberman


What We Do

Beaks -n- Barks is a collaboration of mine and my wifes number one passion in life. As two animal enthusiasts who have an appreciation for all animals we found ourselves deeply immersed in the world of exotic tropical birds and some of the most distinguished Doberman Pinschers.

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About Us

Beaks And Barks is a small family business that breeds Doberman Pinschers and a variety of Exotic Birds. We carry everything our customers could need to provide long, happy, healthy lives for their new friend.

About Us

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